Its been a while…

I’ve been working on models, samplers, skeletons and animations, and while I can now render a model with a simple diffuse phong lighting model, I’d like to have a better model to show. I’ve been using Mixamo’s Fuse (now an Adobe product) to generate some character models, but sadly I am unsure on what the legal implications of posting their models as part of the repository are. I know I can legally use them and even sell them embeded in applications but I cannot publish them in a way anyone else may access the data easily (source), so I guess that covers the engine even if it is free and open source.

As such, I am thinking on creating some video tutorials, I guess eventually I would just start working with Make Human, but each time I try, I find it to be not quite there yet.

Anyway, just wanted to post an update on progress, hopefully the next post is going to include some images :smile:.