Aerin just chilling

So this finally is the first official in-engine screenshot, taken from the modelviewer application, this is “Aerin”, shown in an idle pose.

The model and animations come from Adobe’s Fuse (formerly Mixamo), though the slider settings are not the default (Fuse works like character creator from games such as Mass Effect or Fallout 4).

The Aerin name was chosen to match the Ae in Aeon Games, and the idea is to keep her as a character mascot for the brand, in that sense, the character becomes our trademark, while the actual assets copyright still belongs to Adobe.

In that regard, I would really like to add the asset files to the repo for everyone to experiment, but I am unclear as to what the legal implications would be. Fuse is currently free, and character models made with it may be freely used on video games, but this is a game engine, so while the assets I may publish are derivatives, they’ll be freely accessible for modification which may not be something Adobe would allow or continue to allow in the future.

So, thats it! maybe I should record a video tutorial on exporting Fuse characters into the engine… or maybe morph the MakeHuman mesh into Fuse’s.