The Vulkan renderer finaly blanks the window, so I started to clean up before moving on to actually render something to it. While tidying up however I noticed that Visual Studio CrtDbg was reporting some leaks on the model viewer. I expected those to be related to Vulkan but they also appear with the OpenGL renderer.

Aparently, they must be related to either Protocol Buffers OR Qt, and sadly while I get a report of leaks from CrtDbg, there is no info on file, function or line for the allocation and the allocations secuential number always change.

To solve this problem I am cooking something up, messing with the stack frame and DLL export table to at least be able to find out which function is doing the allocations. I think this may become a tool on its own, may not, but current results seem positive.

Anyway, right now, what is is WIP, I may post some details later if I actually get somewhere with it.

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